Every parent wants to give the best for their child, including in terms of giving toys. However, do parents already know that it is important to provide SNI-compliant toys for children so that they are safe when played? Parents must understand that toys that are not labeled with SNI can be dangerous for children. Why is that?

First, Hearing Danger

Toys that do not have SNI can be dangerous for the little one’s hearing because they may make loud or surprising sounds.

Second, the Danger of Chemical Substances

It is no stranger that every toy made in a factory must use chemicals, but parents must understand that there are chemicals that are still within safe standards and chemicals that are very harmful to the body.

Third, Danger of Physical Injury

Toys that are not in accordance with SNI can cause the Little One to be pinched, scratched, dropped, choked, electrocuted, and even entangled which causes physical injury.

It is important for parents to be more selective in choosing toys for their children, one of which is paying attention to SNI on each toy.

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