Tantrums are caused by their limited language ability to convey what they want. Children with tantrums will express their emotions by getting angry, crying loudly, and even rolling around.

What is the right way to deal with child tantrums?

First, stay calm and don’t get emotional or scold your little one.

Parents need to be calm. The cries and roars of the little ones should not be things that can trigger the parents’ emotions or get angry with the little ones. Let the little one calm down first. If you can, be gentle with your little one.

Second, look for reasons why your little one has a tantrum.

Find the reason your child has tantrums. Whether he is hungry or thirsty, tired or sleepy, wants something but cannot be expressed. If you know the reason, then you can easily calm and provide treatment for your little one.

Third, do not act rudely.

Do not hit or do anything rude that can hurt your little one. Instead of your little one being calm, this can actually make things worse. Even in the long term it can traumatize your little one.

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